Teaching & Outreach

Courses Taught

Instructor Positions

EAS-X429: Field Geology in the Rocky Mountains (2021); Indiana University Geologic Field Station

TA Positions

EAS-X428: Virtual Field Geology in the Rocky Mountains (2020); Indiana University Geologic Field Station

Ge120a: Introduction to Field Geology (2020); Caltech

Ge120b: Field Camp (2019); Caltech

Ge114: Mineralogy (2017); Caltech

Ge136a,b,c: Field Geology of the Southwestern United States (2016-2017); Caltech


Caltech Arts

Art serves as a creative outlet for researchers and a pathway for communication of science to the general public. As a member and Chair of the Caltech Arts Committee, I organized galleries highlighting science-focused artwork by Caltech students and staff. Six total galleries at Caltech, the Armory Center for the Arts, and Jones Coffee Roasters drew audiences of >2000 members of the Caltech and local communities during the length of the displays, fostering communication between scientists and the public.

Geology Hikes and Talks for Students

Creating opportunities for young students to make observations and learn about their surroundings is a main focus of my public outreach efforts. I have participated in organizing and leading geology hikes in the San Gabriel Mountains with local middle school students.


Navigating graduate school and research relationships as a women in the geosciences, particularly during fieldwork, comes with unique challenges. I served as a mentor for younger graduate and undergraduate students at Caltech through the WING (Women in Geoscience) group, and recently joined the WISP (Women in Science Program) mentoring group at Purdue.